About ProCare Rx

History of the Company

In 1988, the Burgess family founded ProCare Rx with the vision of providing innovative computer software systems and services to various sectors of the healthcare industry. We processed our first pharmacy claim in 1994 using our own internally developed and managed systems, and today we process millions of claims every year.

Until 1998, ProCare Rx provided pharmacy claims processing, benefit administration, systems, and other management services to nearly one-third of the Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) entities in the United States. That year we made the strategic decision to expand our product line to include full-service pharmacy benefit management through the acquisition of NextGen PBM. In 2003, we established ProCare PharmacyCare, our wholly-owned full service mail order and specialty pharmacy. In 2006, ProCare Rx completed the acquisition of Palliative Therapeutics and created ProCare HospiceCare offering hospice specific PBM services and on-demand clinical pharmacy services.

Since our inception, we have pioneered transparency and a philosophy of "lowest net cost." Because we own all of the component PBM pieces, we are able to lower client costs consistently year after year while providing best in class, client-focused service.


Mission Statement

Our mission today, as it was years ago, is grounded with the same objectives for our clients that guide us every day:

  • To provide the best, lowest cost pharmacy benefit management systems and services available
  • To focus on providing better, faster, cost-effective services and solutions customized to the needs of our clients
  • To partner with our clients to accomplish mutually beneficial goals
  • To understand and actively respond to the needs of our clients


About Our Logo

ProCare Rx Logo

ProCare Rx stands for Professional Care.

The Wings demonstrate our agility and ability to work quickly, while the Shield illustrates Security.

Upon the Shield are several other important symbols:

  • The Crossed Swords demonstrate our focus on Teamwork, collaborating with our clients to ensure exceptional service.
  • The Eagle at the top of our crest symbolizes the Strength that is embodied in everything we do.
  • The Torch signifies the Intelligence we apply to every client relationship.
  • The Knight denotes the Loyalty we maintain to and every client.
  • The Raised Fist represents our Leadership in the market.

In the ribbon below the crest are the words Uno Ala Volta, translating to One at a Time, which symbolizes our commitment to you – Managing Your System Requirements, One Claim at a Time.

We are committed to collaborating with our clients and treating every member with honesty and the utmost integrity.



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